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Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 12.38.53 PMWhen a new region of wine pops up there are a few wineries that really set the bar high and get out of the gate winning lots of awards. Pensfolds is that for Australia. I have been dying to try any (or all) of their wines and this was my first chance to do so. I have only heard good things about them but a lot of times their wines can be a little pricey.

Thanks to Underground Cellar, I was able to get in on an Australian wines deal that didn’t break the bank. Just to review, they run deals where you might pay a dollar or two more for a base bottle with percentage chances of upgrading to a more expensive bottle of wine. It can range from pay $20 bucks and you might have percentage chances of getting a $25, $45, and $60 bottle of wine or in one case I spent $80 and got the base bottle of $40 and a $600 bottle.

Okay enough on that, today’s review is the 2009 Penfolds Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir Bin 23 from Australia. According to their website, they are already on the 2013 vintage of this wine and it is running $40 in Australian currency. Everywhere I look the 2009 vintage is not available so this might have been a way to move inventory. They do still have the tasting notes available by the winemaker:

Colour – Deep & Dark…. especially for Pinot Noir

Nose – Simply put, in a word complex. Wild dark cherry meshed with juniper and clove. Cold lamb and a suggestion of cedar complete the first aromatic wave. Plenty to follow… especially with a rigorous swirl in a large glass.

Palate – Rich, generous, mouthfilling. Flavors of rhubarb & beetroot in tandem with elegant fruits/adornments of a wild berry compote. Rounded, softened tannins align with stylish, integrated oak to extended what is already formidable palate length. Not for the fainthearted Pinot Noir drinker!

Imminently drinkable, however, a recommendation to retain the odd bottle to monitor and sample its expected maturation journey.

Wow, cold lamb? Either he is full of it or my palate sucks. Moving forward with palate envy…

Color – I wrote the same thing deep dark red; really dark for a Pinot Noir.

Nose – Floral with vanilla, fig and some earthiness to it.

Taste – Fig with red fruits like cherry and strawberry.

Finish – Medium but bold for a Pinot Noir, low to medium acid with rounded tannins.

Overall, this is a very good bold Pinot Noir. I really am not a fan of the super light ones and this is a complete opposite. In a blind taste test, I would have never guessed Pinot Noir. The wine was really rounded and smooth with great flavors that I cannot completely capture in words.

Rating: A