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Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 5.46.14 PMDuring the holidays it sure becomes more difficult to keep up wine my reviews. I keep a book and list all the tasting notes in them when I taste them but the hard part is getting them on the screen. Between buying and wrapping presents and the constant planning with Christmas parties each weekend it can be tough. Oh yeah, and work.

First on the list, we have the 2009 Plantagenet Omrah Shiraz from Australia. I got this wine from Underground Cellar, in a deal they should have called ‘nice screw tops.’ Doing a little research on this wine found some rave reviews and an general overview of the name but no specific tasting notes so we will have to rely on the back of the bottle:

One of the Western Australia’s leading family owned estates, Plantagenet Wines has been a producer of stylish wines that reflect our cool martime(sp?) climate since 1974. The Omrah range, offers Plantagenet quality at excellent value. Our Shiraz is a smooth juicy wine, bursting with red berry and spice and a scrumptious palate.

Interesting, so how was it?

Color – Ruby red with some darkness.

Nose – Black currant, leather, and black pepper.

Taste – Blackberries, currant, leather, and spice.

Finish – Medium with medium to low acid and low tannins.

Overall, this wine is very smooth and has a nice fruit forwardness to it. It isn’t over powering but it doesn’t let off either. We had it with lamb, because you have to. Of course, it went very well with the lamb.

Rating: A-