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Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 1.32.53 PMI have talked about wine bottle sizes before as some wines standardly come in a certain bottle while other wines can sometimes be found in any possible bottle under the sun. Recently, we bought a new wine color because thanks to a wine explosion the control panel was ruined on our other one. One thing I noticed after I purchased this nice new wine color is that wines from Italy and more specifically Montepulciano bottles which are tall and skinny can keep the door propped open.

Obviously, this put this bottle on the hit list because nothing is more annoying then pushing the door closed because one bottle wants to give you a hard time. This, of course, brings us to the 2010 Centorame Montepulciano d’Abruzzo from Italy. I have just recently started trying Montepulciano wine and it has been pretty good.

This wine must be pretty obscure because there is almost no information to be found on the internet. In fact, I finally found it on a website, in which I did not purchase it from because that site doesn’t even ship to the Virginia. Here is the description from The Wine Spies:

Smell – Rich and ripe aromas or black cherry, red plum and other ripe dark fruit blend with soft savory herbs and sweet spice. Add in notes of earth, floral violets and mocha coffee for an invitation to take a sip.

Feel – This full-bodied dry wine has silky smooth and round tannins and soft acidity leading to an expansive and almost chewy feel on the palate.

Taste – Plenty of dark fruit, but slightly more restrained than the nose would otherwise indicate, with black cherry, red plum and blackberry folded into a soft earthy and toasted oak frame. Complex notes of mocha coffee, sweet spice, savory green herbs and the slightly hint of licorice add to the experience.

Finish – Long and lingering with earthy ripe fruit leading the way as the soft texture gently fades with a slightly drying of the palate begging for another sip.

Also, if you want to visit their site, they have a nice interview with the winemaker. Here are my tasting notes:

Color – Super dark red.

Nose – Blackberries and blueberries with a little bit of spice.

Taste – Lot’s of blueberries and some blackberries with a little bit of licorice and black cherry flavors.

Finish – Medium with balanced high acid and medium tannins.

Overall, I really did like this wine even though I did not get the same tasting notes as the Wine Spies. I know that I put blueberry on there a lot. It is not a blueberry flavored wine but it is a wine experience that I have never had which is to have the blueberry flavors overcome the rest of the flavors. The wine is pretty fruity but not too much and is, oh, so smooth.

Rating: A-