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Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 1.09.10 PMSouth African wines and I keep going back and forth. Some of the wines I find I love and others I find are just okay. Ken Forrester is pretty well known in the South African wine community and is well known for putting the South African Chenin Blancs on the map. I have had a few of those I really have enjoyed but it is mostly the reds that I am still unsure of.

One of my favorite sites for wine, Underground Cellar, offered a deal for $21 and the 2008 Ken Forrester Vineyards Renegade was the second upgrade with a value of $27. It is a blend of 38% Grenache, 31% Shiraz, & 31% Mourvèdre. It has received 91 points from Robert Parker.

Here is what the winery’s website has to say about it:

This elegant Rhône blend displays Old World Style with New World fruit. Hint of Grenache’s earthy rusticity and Shiraz’s noble spice with hints of nutmeg and salty black olive on the finish. Balanced with soft integrated tannins.

Interesting to say that he combined the Old World style with New World fruit. So how was it?

Color – Deep almost velvety red.

Nose – Earthy with cherry and black pepper.

Taste – Cherry, spice, black pepper and a hint of smoke.

Finish – Medium with medium to high acid and very soft rounded tannins.

Overall, this wine was a pretty good medium-bodied wine. It was well rounded and very smooth. I was just hoping it would be a little more complex, especially with that blend but it is still a very good wine. I was ready to be ‘Wow’ed but I was not.

Rating: B+