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Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 5.05.09 PMSome of the restaurants in the Cayman’s served really great food. They had everything from fresh caught fish to jerked chicken to you name it. I wanted to highlight a few here because if you ever go you must try.

First, I will highlight the Rum Point Club Restaurant. Located on the “less tourist” side of the island is one mini-tourist area that allows you to snorkel, have a drink, and grab some lunch fare. At night, they have a nicer restaurant with some amazing dishes. I had the signature dish the Seafood Hot Pot, which has Lobster, Shrimp, Scallop, Mussels, Clams & Shiitake Mushrooms in an Aromatic Caribbean Coconut Broth with Sticky Rice. And let me tell you the broth was to die for. Our server was friendly too, fresh off the boat from Ireland. Rating: A

While we were there, we had the 2013 Cono Sur Bicicleta Sauvignon Blanc from Chile. It was very crisp clean and refreshing that went with a variety of appetizers and dishes. It is pretty hard to complain about this wine except how much the restaurant was charging for it. Lots of grapefruit, your essential Sauvignon Blanc. Rating: A

Next, once again, back at the house my dad had another glorious find on his quest the 2010 Duckhorn Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley. Now, I have heard about how great their wines were and was really excited but timid to try this (most hype hardly lives up to it). This one really did live up to it. Good bold fruit with the right amount of oak. Blackberries and blueberries on the taste: Rating A+

Now, back by the pool, the 2013 Caves D’Esclans Whispering Angel Sacha Lichine Cotes De Provence Rose. Well that was a mouthful. Not one of my most favorite roses. It got a little chalky in the mouth after a while but first tasting notes were good. It just after the course of a week and we had three bottles the texture and dryness didn’t quite feel right. It has hints of strawberries and jasmine, pretty weak taste profile. Rating: B

Last but not least, my wife and I went to a wine bar in the Camana Bay shopping district called West Indies Wine Company. When you walk inside you can either buy wine by the bottle like a retail store or you can sit down and order meats and cheeses and sip on glasses of wines. These wines are kept in those very fancy wine preservers were you have to put your card and decide on a taste, half a glass, or glass.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 5.05.25 PMWe opened a tab after talking to possibly one of the owners or managers (because they were having a meeting right after we spoke) and tried some great wines:

  • 2012 Georges Vigouroux Pigmentum Ugni Blanc Colombard from France. This wine was a very interesting white with a little bit of weight to it. I got a lot of apple and pear with some grapefruit on the nose, almost like a bold Chardonnay without the oak. The taste was more grapefruit and it had bright clean crisp flavors. Rating: B+
  • 2008 Vesevo Beneventano Falanghina from Italy. This one has some honeysuckle on the nose with a good clean color. The taste brought some minerality and some bright citrus. Rating: A-
  • 2010 Bodega Catena Zapata Catena High Mountain Malbec from Argentina. This one was really good and very smooth. It has the aromatics and flavors of dark blackberries and black cherries with some earth and at the end just a hint of fig. Rating: A+
  • 2002 Pillitteri Estates Family Reserve Trivalente from Canada. Yes, I said Canada. I have heard of Canada making wine but I assumed it was all sweet stuff. This was my first opportunity to try a Canadian red. This wine was truly awesome and now seeing the winery price I am kicking myself because I could have gotten it for $93 CI which would have been like $110. The tasting notes were freshly grinded black pepper and spice with black currant. Rating: A++

I could go on about how good the rums and restaurants are but I will spare you. Cheers!