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Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 2.17.27 PMWhenever you have a major event in your life you almost always want to have a special spirit or wine set aside for that moment. We recently had a deck build, which I have been saving up for, for a while. I wanted the Trex decking materials for lesser maintenance. The deck looks great and today we decided to open up that special bottle.

The 2004 Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage Rose comes straight from the Champagne house in France via my suitcase. For those who do not know, Rose Champagne can be some of the best in the world and having a declared vintage is even better. Don’t get me wrong the same house makes Dom Perignon and they had a Rose version of that but it was somewhere in the $300 Euros and up.

It is 45% Pinot Noir (says 22% is red wine), Chardonnay 31%, and 24% Pinot Meunier. Here is the description from Moet & Chadon’s website:


copper pink
with glimmers of antique gold

notes of blackcurrant and blackberry
rich warm nuances of spice bread and dried figs
a hint of liquorice

slightly tannic structured with a subtle tanginess
a refined finish with notes of dark chocolate

So how was it?

Color – Orangish pink so yeah I guess Copper Pink.

Nose – I definitely got the fig but I also got apricot and oranges.

Taste – Apricot again with some pear on the finish.

Finish – Not too dry and it has a subtle sweetness at the finish.

Overall, this is a great rose Champagne. I liked it balance a lot. It was dry as it is a Brut but wasn’t too dry for sure. It has a lot of great flavors and just is cool and refreshing which is perfect to cheers your next special occasion.