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Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 6.01.16 PMFor those of you who read my reviews regularly, you know, that I have some favorite wineries and some favorite websites. I think it is good to develop a relationship with the few sites and the few wineries that you really enjoy. There is no point of me buying wine from a winery and bashing them on and on. There was one site that I wasn’t a fan of and they approached me to give me more free wine. I always say yes to free wine but my reviews will be honest.

I think it is our generation’s equivalent of that bartender you know. This brings us to the 2011 Cobbler Mountain Cellars Merlot from Virginia. As some may know, I have reviewed 5 of their wines in the past. This is one of my favorite tasting Virginia wineries and the staff are all so personable. Not to mention, they are almost always up to something new and exciting like hard apple cider made with local honey. This time I decided to pull out a bottle of their Merlot.

Here are their tasting notes from their website:

Our Merlot will take you across the dance floor and twist & turn in your mouth like a sultry Salsa number. Peppery firecracker in the roof of your mouth washes down leaving a bright lingering star on your tongue. Well known for the famous screenplay line from ~ A Sideways, wine-snob, Miles proclaimed a refusal to imbibe the peasants Merlot! Contrary to his belief~ This Bordeaux-style medium-bodied wine accents a sizzling steak or your favorite seasonal pizza such as mozzarella & basil. A great companion by the grill with roasted portabellos, eggplant or squash. The red fruits, spice & vanilla enhance fresh pineapple, cantaloupe and berries. Plays well with chocolate!

I love the Sideways reference because there are some awesome Merlots out there. So how was this one?

Color – Deep dark red.

Nose – Vanilla bean and red fruits like cranberries and raspberries.

Taste – Raspberries and more red fruit and just a hint of coffee.

Finish – medium with medium acid and medium to high tannins.

Overall, this is a good Merlot from Virginia. I think most people who are getting into red wines would be happy with this medium-bodied full of flavor wine. I am not sure if it beats it’s Meritage or their Cabernet Franc but it is still very good.

Rating: B+