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Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 1.33.13 PMTime after time, you have seen me review and rave about dry rose wine. I will admit that I am a little addicted. But what goes better on a warm Sunday afternoon sitting on a deck or patio? White wines are good for that two but you have to invest in some way to make it cold. If a rose loses a few degrees off the temperature then it really isn’t effecting the taste.

In fact, making sure the rose is not refrigerator cold really will open up the nose and taste of many of these great wines. This brings us to the 2013 Heure D’Ete rose, which I received from an Underground Cellar deal. It is a blend of 50% Cinsault, 30% Syrah, & 20% Grenache.

At first I could not find this wine online but after tracking down who distributed the wine I finally did find it at My French Cellar. Here are their tasting notes:

Color : A pale pink color, luminous and limpid.
Aroma : An expressive bouquet with delicate aromas of red berries and flowers.
Palate : The mouth is delightful, combining lingering flavors of fruits and minerals with a slight sensation of sweetness on the finish.

Sound amazing so was it?

Color – Very light orange almost peach in color.

Nose – Apricots and very floral.

Taste – Apricots again with some light raspberry and pomegranate red fruit. I do get the slight minerality they speak of.

Finish – Clean refreshing very low acid and very smooth. I did not get any sweetness.

Overall, this is the best dry rose I have ever had. It isn’t too fruity and it isn’t too light. The flavors and minerals just slide smoothly through your mouth and is just fantastic. I am literally going to buy a bunch of bottles of this as soon as I finish this post.

Rating: A+