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Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 3.44.20 PMI have done this once before, but on some Sunday’s my brother and I will open up two bottles of wine in our collection that are similar and test them against each other. The last time we decided to do two Virginia  red blends this time we decided to pit single varietals. Of course, we couldn’t pick just any varietal we had to pick the one that you hear at every winery “grows well in Virginia;” Cabernet Franc.

His selection was the 2011 Cobbler Mountain Cabernet Franc and mine was the 2009 Weston Farm Cabernet Franc Reserve. Cobbler is located in the Delaplane area of Virginia and Weston is located in Louisa, Virginia. I have previously reviewed 4 Cobbler Mountain wines & 1 Weston Farm wine.

First, the 2011 Cobbler Mountain Cabernet Franc is now sold out at the tasting room and I pretty sure I have a bottle or two in my collection. It runs about $29 and here are it’s tasting notes from the winery’s website:

Estate-grown petite clusters harness the Northern Fauquier terroir of years’ past agriculture and early settlers. Winter’s distinguishable flavors of dried cranberries, tobacco, and black pepper ~ have yeilded a new rise of rasberries awakening from many months of aging. A vintage with the personality one would invite to the table with pork tenderloin, or a rustic Provencal soup and bread supper. Savor alongside dark chocolate lava with raspberry reduction or English bread pudding.

It also took Silver if I remember right in the Governor’s cup. So here is what my Brother & I got from it:

Color – Deep garnet red.

Nose – Black pepper, black cherry, and just a hint of fig.

Taste – I got dried cherries maybe it was cranberries with lots of black pepper. Something else was on the tail end of this one that reminded me of toast.

Finish – Long with medium to low acid and long full tannins.

Rating: A+

Now these wines were tasted side-by-side and now it was the 2009 Weston Farm Cabernet Franc Reserve turn to prove itself. Now they seem to be a little less savy with the internet if you look at their site. There are no tasting notes for this wine. It does tell you it is $24 and aged in French Oak for 18 months.

So what did we think of it?

Color – Almost the same deep garnet red. This one just had a little bit less clarity.

Nose – Red currant and velvet but had hardly any black pepper as most Virginia Cab Francs do.

Taste – Red currants again with a hint of mocha or espresso.

Finish – Medium to light with medium acid and still pretty full tannins.

Rating: B+

Obviously, Cobbler Mountain won this one and it wasn’t nearly as close as the last one. Both were very good wines but they were completely different. The Weston wine really bottomed out in flavor at the end and finish. I also was missing that classic black pepper I love from their wine.

Now, I will tell you after straight tasting we had crackers and cheese with both of them. Adding this to the tasting really moved Weston up a grade because the higher acid and still good flavors really became more enhanced with the food. Cobbler Mountain’s was still good with the food but it didn’t really add anything and you almost felt like you shouldn’t be eating because it was muting the flavors.

I was going to compare the year vintages but it seems that they didn’t do a commercial growers report for 2009. Odd? Congratulations to Cobbler Mountain for the win!