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Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 5.55.08 PMWith Labor Day approaching and summer wrapping up with both of my vines doing fantastic (more on that later), it is important to look back on the summer of wines and say wow dry Roses are my new thing. It first started when almost every Virginia winery was doing french-style dry rose and then was solidified with a trip to France. You just have to have a glass of Rose with Lunch and Dinner!

Right when I came back Underground Cellars did too almost back to back deals showcasing rare rose wine. In that group, I received one up grade, which was the unvintaged Briceland Vineyards Rose of Pinot Noir. I haven’t had too many roses made out of Pinot Noir. Actually, I cannot think of one but maybe.

There website is pretty generic and doesn’t have a whole lot of information. I did find another site that had more about the winery here. So once again we have to go back to the actually Underground Cellar deal to get any information. It is limited so here it is:

Winemaker Notes:

Hillside parcels of Pinot Noir are hand-harvested and gently pressed into stainless steel tanks for slow, cold fermentation.

Tasting Notes:

Bright, fresh scents of wild strawberry, pine, and watermelon. Crisp, refreshing flavors of red fruits continue on the palate with a lively, juicy finish.

Also, I would like to note that the website says 2012 but I couldn’t find anything on the bottle. So how was it?

Color – Strawberry red with a hint of orange.

Nose – It actually does kind of smell like a Pinot Noir but with strawberries.

Taste – Mostly strawberry and cranberries. It also had the feel like it was carbonated but it was not.

Finish – Crisp clean and smooth. Low acid.

Overall, this is everything you want from a Rose. It is easy to drink and would please anyone at your next get together. Did it blow me away to the point where I had to find another bottle no. But if I saw it in the store and wanted a go-to this would be on the list.

Rating: A-