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Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 12.41.03 PMWhenever I look at a bottle of wine I always wonder what led them to choose this label. Insert pleasant or surprised tone where necessary. Open it up and judge the content accordingly. Wine companies probably live and die on their labels because every time a talk to a non-wino person on which bottle did they select and why 99% of the time it’s “I liked the label.”

Now on the reverse of that many french wines and fine wines have what I consider elegant and simple labels. The 2012 Lacaze Private Collection Cabernet Sauvignon, that I am about to review, is one of those. I felt like it really classed up the wine and screw top. It was even more surprising when I turned to the back to find it was from Naked Wines who usually have silly or simple labels.

Okay, so enough about labels now onto the wine. This wine is from Chile and according the the back of the bottle it was previously made before Naked Wines for a “buyer” that is now “bust.” According to the purchasers of this wine 87% of over 5,000 would purchase this again but it is sold out.

They also state that this guy makes one of the most expensive Chilean wines on the market right now. Like most Naked Wine bottles it gives us broad tasting notes like “complex” and will lay down well.

So how was it?

Color – Deep purple with some red.

Nose – Smells amazing…Cedar, leather and spices.

Taste – Red cherries with toasted almonds.

Finish – Long with very high acid and medium tannins.

Overall, this wine smelled great and looked great but the taste didn’t really back it up. It wasn’t that complex and the structure was way to high acid. It really didn’t please me. It wasn’t as young tasting as most of Naked Wines’ stuff but you almost needed to eat something after ever sip to cut the acid.

Rating: C+