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Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 6.11.49 PMSometimes I wonder why some wineries have websites and others do not. Is it that some wineries really do make such a small batch that they do not want to distribute themselves and worry about the hassle of shipping? Do they think shipping costs are so high that no one will buy it? To me the cost of a domain name with some basic website design would work for all wineries but some choose not to. This brings us to the 2011 Henoba Tempranillo.

This wine comes from ClubW and I have had it for a little while. The video dates from December 2013. As they state in the video this wine comes from the area where they think Tempranillo first began. Now this winery doesn’t seem to have a website but their distributor does. We will take the tasting notes from there:

Henoba exudes a beautiful red violet, vivid, bright color. The initial aroma presents notes of fresh fruit reminiscent of ripe, sweet plum.

Henoba seduces with subtle aromas of vanilla and exotic berries and presents a strong, lingering finish with notes of French oak.

The palate is fresh with that speck of acidity that makes it fun, elegant and easy to drink, while still offering a structured and complex balance.

The maturation and development of the grapes are carried out through a malolactic fermentation process in French Oak barrels for 6 months, which attributes to the deep tannins and bold structure of the wine.

Wow, after that description who wouldn’t want to buy it? So how was it?

Color – Dark ruby red.

Nose – Raspberries and spice.

Taste – Red Currant and more Raspberries.

Finish – Medium with low to medium acid and medium tannins.

Overall, this wine didn’t blow me away but it definitely is a big step above what I consider to be a slew of “decent” wines. This is my wife’s favorite grape and she gave this wine an ‘A’ if that tells you anything. If you bought this wine I know you would not regret your purchase but then again you might not remember it in 6 months either. Take the Tempranillo leap and enjoy.

Rating: B+