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Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 5.42.26 PMThe grape Pinot Grigio can be hit or miss in Virginia. Some wineries have them and they are great some wineries have them and they are okay. Cooper Vineyards does an excellent job with its whites like their Chardonnay and Chardonel (not yet reviewed) so I was intrigued to try their 2012 Cooper Vineyards Pinot Grigio. And in my mind it would be a good mid-afternoon open.

Now this label says “American,” which I mentioned before means that they sourced the grapes from outside of the state. My wine loving has no boundaries. According to their website, it is still for sale for a reasonable $19.00:

Great aromatics of lemon and citrus begin this exceptionally well balanced wine. Restrained but abundant fruit marries perfectly with undertones of almonds and dried apricots. This zesty and refreshing wine is a perfect aperitif. Enjoy with sun and friends.

Sounds perfect. So how was it really?

Color – Light pale yellow.

Nose – Lemon grass and butter.

Taste – A little buttery like a Chardonnay but with the lemon zest of a pinot.

Finish – Medium with medium acid but still highly tannic.

Overall, this is a wine that is light but buttery. I do not know how long this was aged in oak or even if it was but it has that feel to that. It is good but that part just rubs me the wrong way a little. Not your classic Pinot Grigio.

Rating: B-