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Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 3.15.26 PMThe name for this wine the 2011 Butcherblock Cabernet Sauvignon is interesting to me because it makes me picture meat to go with this wine. Of course, as with most red wines I tried this one by itself. This one too comes from Club W. I think they have been 4 of the last 5 bottles of wine that I have had. I do this because you can tell by most of their wines tannic structure that they are meant to be consumed early. Now this one being a Cabernet Sauvignon, I wanted to buy two bottles one to drink now and one to possibly age. We will find out if this one is different shortly.

ClubW review via The Reverse Wine Snob because just like the other wines, they have gotten rid of the archives:

Once you’ve found a prime purveyor for your meats, there’s nothing better. This wine is an ode to all the butchers out there who are so much more than just a merchant. You know, those who are your trusted adviser, your wise counselor, a member of your extended family, the local meat maven who helps you bring delicious, simple, home-cooked creations to your table every week. Because let’s face it, a perfect cut of beef next to a full glass of wine makes for one of life’s best simple pleasures. And so, Butcherblock is a wine to cook with, to dine with, to eat with. Its savory aromas of cedar box, dried tobacco leaves and vanilla coupled with flavors of fruity cherry and sugar plum make it ideal for carnivorous food pairings like beef bourguignon, stroganoff, tenderloin or wellington.

13.6% Alcohol

They sure do know how to write the descriptions. And, as usual, they have done a video as well. So how was it?

Color – Transparent red, much like the Pacas wine.

Nose – Cranberry, raspberry, I guess just a lot of fresh berries on the nose.

Taste – I get cranberry again but more of a jam than fresh cranberry juice. I also get just a hint of spice.

Finish – Bright acidity with a medium finish and low tannins.

Overall, this is the Cabernet Sauvignon for Pinot Noir drinkers. This is super light and not what you think of when you think of Cabernet Sauvignon. It was probably a mistake for me to have bought another one to age. I would recommend this one on it’s own and save some of your bolder Cabs for the steak. But still a decent wine for a decent price.

Rating: B