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One thing I never understood about Morais Vineyards, located in Bealton, Virginia and where my wife and I were married, never put a vintage year on their wines. Some would say that they do this to ensure quality year over year by saving some of the wine from the year before. I know we went there when they released a new Cabernet Franc and you could clearly tell the difference in the years. Somehow the person doing the tasting knew the different in the bottles.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 5.22.02 PMIn my particular feeling, I enjoy vintage years and comparing year over year of the same wine from the same winery. I know their bread and butter is the wedding industry at this location but still they make pretty good wines, why not vintage them? The owner is Portuguese and it has to be an exceptional year for them to call a vintage port so maybe the owner is planning on doing the same. Either way, this brings me to the UV Morais Vineyards Touriga Nacional.

For those who do not know the grape Touriga Nacional, it is from Portugal and has been used in blending with Port. It has popped up recently in Virginia and seems to be growing okay. We see it in some blends but a lot of place are doing single varietal bottles. In the case of Morais this is obviously the expected best of their wines being that their owner is from the same place as the vines, or does it matter?

I have previously reviewed both their Rose and their White wines. This is my first chance to review their red. According to their website, the Touriga Nacional:


New York Finger Lakes International Wine Competition 2013
Touriga National 2011

Virginia Governors Cup Wine Competition Winners 2013


A Portuguese grape variety vinified through traditional Portuguese techniques resulted in this full-bodied yet smooth red wine. It presents aromas of peach and apricot with a smoky scent which are present when tasted.

So how was it?

Color – Dark red.

Nose – Black cherries, leather, pepper, and a hint of smoke.

Taste – Medium-bodied wine. I got black cherry again and this time with a hint of vanilla.

Finish – Light to medium finish with low to medium acid but a little bit more in the tannins department. It was also well rounded in mouthfeel.

Overall, once you get over the fact that you may go to the winery and buy this bottle again and may either buy the same bottle or the following years bottle, it is very good. I rated both their other wines with B-‘s and this is going to top that. If you want a good medium bodied wine that will still hold its own, this is for you. It is a great wine to open in the evening and not think to hard and relax.

Rating: B+