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Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 5.31.06 PMTonight Netflix delivered The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and in honor of that we opened a bottle of 2012 One From The Quiver Malbec that I got from ClubW. For those of you who are not archers, a Quiver is that thing on Robin Hood’s back that holds all the arrows. Not to be confused with the “Wine Quiver Carrier” you can purchase right now on Amazon.¬†Interesting name and a nice label and I am always ready for a Malbec.

There are no tasting notes. It seems that Club W leaves up their youtube video on the wine but not longer keeps the actual page. Normally, these videos are quite good but in this one I would notice that she is in a leather skirt and a tied shirt that looks one button too unbuttoned. So this will be a short hit review.

Color – Deep Purple with a slight Red Hue.

Nose – Lots of Oak and Mocha with just a dash of Black Currant.

Taste – More Mocha and almost like Fresh Crushed Blackberries.

Finish – Medium Finish, Low Acid and pretty smooth.

Overall, this wine was not very complex but it was still good and smooth. I was a little surprised that this was a Malbec from Argentina because it seemed a little more subdued than the rest. I feel like the name would make a great Valentine’s Day wine. It couldn’t be cornier than the current stuff they have during that time of the year.

Rating: B-