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Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 5.34.43 PMFunny story, so we went to Blenheim Vineyards because there was a wedding near by and I had worked there for a previous Piedmont Virginia Community College class. While my wife and I stood there, there was a father-daughter team tasting as well. When the person doing the tasting told them that on some of the labels “Dave” designed it himself. Of course, he was like “who is Dave?” She explains it is Dave Matthews from the Dave Matthews band. The dad had no clue. Really, have you lived under a rock? You live in Charlottesville, Virginia and you are at Dave Matthews winery but you never heard of him and didn’t know what type of music he plays.

And that brings us to the 2012 Blenheim Vineyards Petit Verdot that I bought on this trip. I have a love for Petit Verdot’s in Virginia because they usually are pretty good and a very different wine than what I am used to. According to Blenheim’s website, it describes the wine with very unique tasting notes:

white pepper – graphite – stewed blackberries – firm tannins

Aged 100% in French oak for 7 months.

400 cases produced.

Wow, so how was it?

Color – Ruby red and dark purple with unbelievable clarity.

Nose – White pepper, sharp spice and toasted almonds.

Taste – Blueberries and blackberries with a little bit of spice still.

Finish – Bright acid with a low to medium finish. It is pretty clean after a few moments.

Overall, you are going to either love this wine or hate this wine (as I am about to give it an in the middle rating). Most people might be turned off to a Petit Verdot because it is so unique. I personally like the change up and hope it keeps showing up in Virginia. Now, I will say that most are over $30 and this one at $24 is a steal. I recommend this to anyone who wants to break out of the box on a single variety.

Rating: B+