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Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 4.44.38 PMLeaving for France tomorrow, I decided to open up a bottle of French wine. You know you have to get your palate ready for all the goodness to come. I do have to say I am a little nervous about ordering wine in France. I know they have some good table wine but I want to go for more and it should cost less hopefully. I was surprised to see a older french wine from Club W but that is what we have the 2006 Vindemio Amadeus.

Vindemio has a website but it is all in french and google translate barely does a decent job of translating it so you will have to check it out on your own here. Instead, we will use Club W’s description:

Referring to the iconic composer Amadeus Mozart, this bottle is a chorus of collaboration. The father and son winemaking team, with the help of friends, runs their all-organic and biodynamic vineyard alongside Mont Ventoux. Their blend of old vine Grenache and Syrah is an absolute symphony with rock-star aromas courtesy of the wine’s age. Give this full-bodied masterpiece a good decant to allow its delicious flavors of dried blueberry and rose petal to expand through the wine’s savory, smoky aromas. Tell your friends you pulled this gem right out of the “cellar” and let its flavors sing in harmony as they dance across your tastebuds. Grapes: 50% Grenache, 50% Syrah

This wine comes from the Rhone region and clearly has some bottle aging on it. So how was it?

Color – Deep dark purple, but not inky.

Nose – Pomegranate and cedar along with a little bit of a floral scent. I really did pick up the rose petal.

Taste – Earthy, leather, and a bit of a blueberry tart.

Finish – Long lingering finish with light acid and good medium tannins.

Overall, this was a very good wine especially coming from Club W. It was very mature but it could still age for much longer. It had a good amount of sediment in it and it was pretty smooth. I would agree with Club W and let it decant for a while. I look forward to drinking wines like these for the next 10 days!

Rating: B+