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Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 5.55.56 PMOne day, while I was working, the wife went to the grocery store and came back with a bottle of wine. For most normal people that would be normal, but for us when I have become a hoarder of wine and now own over 300 bottles. She, of course, said it was on sale like a good 90’s sitcom bad joke and now we have a bottle of 2010 Frei Brothers Reserve Dry Creek Valley Merlot. The question now became could the wife pick out a bottle of wine that we would both enjoy?

The history of this winery is a little bit interesting. It has been a vineyard since 1895 and was carried on by the family for a while and was a supplier to the large Gallo company. In the 70’s when the relatives retired Gallo bought it and now produces the wine. According to the website:

Our 2010 Dry Creek Valley Merlot captures the rich, ripe flavors of the Dry Creek Valley terroir. Aromas and flavors of red licorice, Satsuma plums, red fruit jam and blackberry meld with hints of toasted oak, milk chocolate and medium-roasted coffee. This medium-bodied wine delivers excellent structure and an elegant finish.

It is also, actually, a blend of 88% Merlot, 8% Cabernet Sauvignon, & 4% Petit Sirah. So what did I think?

Color – Dark inky purple.

Nose – Leather, tobacco, spice, and dark fruit.

Taste – Mocha, Black Pepper, and Blackberries.

Finish – Medium to long, with medium acid, and good tannins.

Overall, it was a decent wine. One that won’t break the bank, especially when it is on sale. I am pretty sure the bottle was under $20. The wife really liked it and I told her a much better choice than her usual Apothic Red pickup. I would recommend to anyone who wants a good decent cheap Merlot but not too cheap tasting.

Rating: B-