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Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 4.59.19 PMToday’s wine comes from California and Club W. It had been a while since I placed an order from Club W so I decided with quite a few selections in good value Pinot Noirs, it was time to pony up. First on the list, we have the 2011 Wayward Wine Co. Pinot Noir. Again, I have a love hate relationship with Pinot Noir. Some can be bold and good with lots of flavor, while some can be so soft a supple that I can appreciate it but come on give me the flavor!

So there does not seem to be a Wayward Wine Company website, though there is another blog called Wayward Wine. Instead, we must turn to Club W for our information. So slight note here that this is kind of nice to know that they are pretty much giving us wines that you wouldn’t be able to find just anywhere. According to Club W:

The Wayward Pinot Noir has Americana at its heart and is full of warm cherry pie aromas. Vibrant flavors of strawberry jam and a dollop of whipped cream will excite your palate along with a satisfying sprinkling of clove and cinnamon spice. This is a pretty little wine with bright acidity that gives it a food-friendly structure. Be adventurous with your pairings and try Black Forest ham, spaghetti and meatballs, duck liver pâté, or even venison.

They do a pretty good job with their descriptions and videos to make it not your typical wine review and really sell it so beware!

So how was it?
Color – Garnet red. A little more bolder looking than the previous mention King Estate Pinot.
Nose – Bright Cherry with a little hint of coffee at the beginning.
Taste – Tart Cherry, I get when she says Cherry pie and with a little bit of cranberry in there as well.
Finish – Medium-bodied and medium finish with about medium acid.
Overall, this wine is good and at a great price. Club W does a great job of selling this wine and this makes me wonder why I paid $29 dollars for King Estate and $13 for this wine. This one in comparison is a little less complex but it makes up for it with more bold flavors. Is the King Estate better, yes. But is it twice as good. Eh.
Rating: B