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Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 9.00.03 PMAlsace wine is very well known region where they grow and make some very good white wines. They are known for rare dry white wines that are hard to find and have great floral notes. I had my first at a wine bar and only tried a small sample. It also had a lot of hints of minerals to it as well. That brings me to the 2007 Marc Kreydenweiss Pinot Blanc that was an entrance wine to one of the Underground Cellar deals. I actually have two bottles and have decided to age the second one even though this wine is already 7 years old.

According to Wikipedia, Pinot Blanc can be a genetic mutation of Pinot Noir or a blend of white grapes from the Pinot family. I assume that this wine is the second and not the first. Looking into Marc Kreydenweiss, he has a great website but it does not preview any of his wine. According to Wine Spectator, it was rated 86 points and only 1,350 cases were made. They also gave it a short review:

Made in an oxidative fashion, with lanolin, earth and hay scents dominating the nose. The concentrated palate shows lively lemon notes buoyed by lip-smacking acidity. A perfect partner for light bistro fare. Drink now.

So that was back in 2010 and they said drink now. I do not think it was past peak when I had it the other night so here is my review.

Color – Solid golden yellow. One of the most golden yellow wines I have ever seen.

Nose – Very floral with a little bit of apple.

Taste – Slightly off-dry and the texture is more like red wine. I also get a little bit of lemon tart but a whole lot of honeysuckle.

Finish – Long like a meaty red wine and you do not get the lemon tartiness until the end.

Overall, I was a little disappointed with this wine. I remember having a very floral and mineral dry wine from Alsace and loving it. I will have to give this a region another try. The bottle is cool, as well, even though it is demanded by law by the region but you also cannot put a stopper on it and keep it in the wine fridge way too big. This is a small matter but still important.

Rating: C+ (78)