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WHO-LogoYou often hear stories over and over that say every 5 mins, 3 mins, 60 seconds, 5 secs, etc. someone has something bad happen to them girl is raped, someone is murdered, someone gets aids, etc. How accurate are these studies? This according to Yahoo News:

Geneva (AFP) – Alcohol kills 3.3 million people worldwide each year, more than AIDS, tuberculosis and violence combined, the World Health Organization said Monday, warning that booze consumption was on the rise.

Including drunk driving, alcohol-induced violence and abuse, and a multitude of diseases and disorders, alcohol causes one in 20 deaths globally every year, the UN health agency said.

“This actually translates into one death every 10 seconds,” Shekhar Saxena, who heads the WHO’s Mental Health and Substance Abuse department, told reporters in Geneva.

Alcohol caused some 3.3 million deaths in 2012, WHO said, equivalent to 5.9 percent of global deaths (7.6 percent for men and 4.0 percent for women).

In comparison, HIV/AIDS is responsible for 2.8 percent, tuberculosis causes 1.7 percent of deaths and violence is responsible for just 0.9 percent, the study showed.

Really more than AIDs, TB and violence combined? I guess that means per year because it cannot be historically. There is no way that the likes of Mao, Stalin, and Hitler are less of killers than wine, beer, and liquor. Something tells me that the WHO lists some things that may or may not be caused by alcohol. Oh wait…

Drinking is linked to more than 200 health conditions, including liver cirrhosis and some cancers. Alcohol abuse also makes people more susceptible to infectious diseases like tuberculosis, HIV and pneumonia, the report found.

Most deaths attributed to alcohol, around a third, are caused by associated cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Okay so is the WHO including TB and HIV since you can be more susceptible to those infections? Should we just evacuate the whole continent of Africa? Because just living in Africa makes you more susceptible to those infections as well. Causation doesn’t always mean correlation.

And how do they really decide if your cardiovascular disease and diabetes really is caused by drinking? This is much like the cigarette debate, as it is true that more people who smoke and drink have a higher chance of a heart attack, it is also true that those who smoke and drink, eat more red meat and do other things that might increase your chance. In short, it is a lifestyle choice.

I am sure that if you drink but exercise, eat right, and are smoke free, you will be fine. But I am also sure the WHO will find that even if you have a long family history of cardiovascular disease you will become one of their alcohol related victims who just died before the 10 seconds it took to read this article. Thanks martyr for bad science.

Drink responsibly and don’t drink and drive, that will kill.