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Screen shot 2014-04-26 at 5.43.24 PMAnother wine from the ClubW wine club, which I have skipped this month of. 2012 Brethren of the Road Red wine blend has a very modern, almost hipster, wine label. According to the video on ClubW’s website, this wine was put together by ClubW with help from the winemaker. This wine too is organic and he doesn’t use any yeast to the wine. Of course, at first, this seems to be a very interesting wine to try.

It is a blend of Syrah, Grenache, and Carginan, which is not something you see often from California wines. Here is the description from ClubW:

Club W Winemaker Partner: Kenny Likitprakong brings the same independent, iconoclastic style that he rocked as a professional skateboarder to the world of wine. An avid world traveler, Kenny created the Hobo Wine Company as an homage to his exploratory nature and a nod to the realities of being a winemaker with no winery or vineyard to call his own. Freed from convention, Kenny is a wine explorer and innovator, able to seek out the best grapes, the most interesting varietals that he then artfully crafts into small production wines.

Tasting Notes: When he’s producing wine on his own, Kenny does it under his Hobo Wine Co label. For his Club W collaborative project he chose the name “Brethren of the Road” because it epitomizes both the nomadic experience of the hobo lifestyle and that of skateboarding culture. In this case, the path is a bold exploration of everything a red blend featuring Syrah, Grenache and Carignan can be. Made in a Southern Rhône style, this 100% organic red is all about vivaciousness and energy. On the nose it’s all ripe raspberries; on the palate the tartness conjures up fruity cherry-berry flavors.

Okay, so now reading this I am pretty sure I have offended the winemaker by saying “hipster” instead of Hobo. But nowadays who can tell them apart? How was the wine?

Color – Deep dark purple.

Nose – Rhubarb and saddle. Yes, seriously.

Taste – Black pepper, tart, a few spices, and then the dark berries fly by.

Finish – Lingers long and has really sharp acidity.

Overall, I was really puzzled by this wine. On the nose, it is great. The taste left a little bit to be desired. I don’t know if it was the tartness with the sharp acidity that kind of bites you about 3/4 of the way through the sipe but it really didn’t blow me away. Glad I tried it. Cool label. But I do not think I would buy again. The wife really enjoyed it and usually we are on par with each other so maybe I am missing something.

Rating: C


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