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Screen shot 2014-04-14 at 5.38.39 PMOne day I was driving my Prius to Whole Foods to get me some granola… oh wait. Okay, so I know there is a movement out there that believes we should have organic everything. Now there is even a group that come back and tell you that organic milk is worth it but organic pineapple not so much. So what about organic wine?

I personally had never had organic wine until I tried from Wegmans the 2012 Cono Sur Organic Cabernet Sauvignon & Carmenere blend. I will admit my wife is into the organic stuff but it has never attracted me much. I am an economist at heart and believe that the market will find the right amount of pesticide/chemical to organic ratio. I also realize that this will increase production costs just to make me believe it is better for me. I also know that it would be near impossible to grow organic grapes in my beloved wine state of Virginia. This bottle wasn’t overly expensive so I thought we would give it a try.

According to their website:

This Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere blend, made from organically grown grapes certified by the BCS Öeko Garantie GmbH, bears the spirit of our estate workers, pedaling their way to our vineyards each day. From the Colchagua Valley, this reddish-purple wine offers an expressive and very fruity nose, with notes of plums, berries and nutty hints. In mouth, this juicy blend has a delightful concentration of red and black fruits, which are in complete harmony with soft tannins. A wine of integrated character, that culminates in a chocolate finish with underlying woody and toasty flavors.

Food Pairing

This blend goes well with all kinds of red meats, pâté, lamb and game. It’s also a great choice to serve next to stews, casseroles and legumes.

According to my bottle it says the blend is 62% Cabernet Sauvignon and 38% Carmenere. It also had a wax seal on top of the cork which I thought was a nice touch. So how was it?

Color – Dark inky purple.

Nose – Allspice & plum with a little bit of black cherry and coffee.

Taste – medium-bodied plum. More basic in taste than in scent.

Finish – low acid but lingers a little bit. Not as much as most Cab-based wines.

Overall, it is a good wine. Regardless of organic, this wine stands on its own. It could have been a little more complex on the taste but maybe it will develop over time. I would recommend to any Al Gore-loving wine drinkers or just someone like me who doesn’t mind trying an organic wine and being introduced to a pretty decent wine organic or not.

Rating: B