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Screen shot 2014-03-09 at 2.40.39 PMWhen I first began this site, I reviewed the 2002 Kluge New World Red Wine. Here we are 4 years after starting the site with a 10 year old bottle of the wine, the 2004 vintage. Since writing that review, Kluge has been bought by Donald Trump for $6.5 million. It is currently being operated as Trump Winery in the nearby Charlottesville, Virginia.

My usual style is to post a description of the wine but their description is the exact same as it is for all vintages. I did find however that it is a blend of 53% Merlot, 28% Cabernet Franc, 18% of Cabernet Sauvignon, and 1% of Malbec.

And I found it for sale at Morrell’s in New York for a whopping $30.00. I am pretty sure I paid less than $10. But, hey, now it’s ten years old!

Being 10 years old, you would hope that this wine would have aged and tasted different than it’s description anyways. As of right now, this is the oldest wine that I have on hand and the oldest wine I have ever tasted a bottle of.

Now to the wine, which has been decanting for about an hour and a half:

  • The Color does have a nice red brick color and has thinned out a little bit.
  • The Nose it has a little bit of spice and black pepper. Most of the fruit has faded away and you are left with just a hint of the dark fruit scent. At the end, too, I also get a little bit of mocha.
  • The Taste is very smooth. Not very acidic but has a great mouthfeel. This is a wine you could chew on. It is really earthy with black cherries on the tongue. It has a lingering finish with a bit of mocha taste at the end.

Funny thing is if you would have asked me back in 2010 when I wrote the review on the 2002 that my palate would have matured enough to make this kind of review I would call you crazy.

Overall, a very good wine. I might just be enjoying it because it aged well and there might be other wines from 2004 that are much better. But, overall, very good and it really motivates me to keep aging wines. Do you have a wine you are saving for a rainy day?

Rating: A