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Normally a beer drinker, I ventured out today and purchased this bottle of Caleo’s Salice Salentino from Total Wine for the astounding price of $7.99. I would describe this wine as a medium bodied dry wine with a very distinctive ruby red coloring. Caleo describes the wine:

“As a dry well balanced wine that has blackberry and licorice flavors, a full bodied pallet and a finish with fine tannins. Excellent with grilled red or white meat and sausages”

I enjoyed the bottle this evening while smoking my Savinelli pipe with everyone’s favorite, Captain Black Gold tobacco. Overall the two paired nicely together, with the wine complementing the flavor of the tobacco instead of over powering it, which can be a issue with lighter flavor pipe tobaccos. My only complaint with the wine would be that it is on the lighter side of medium bodied and not a very bold wine but this actually proved beneficial tonight because of my light flavored tobacco.

For the money this bottle is a great value and I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up a few more bottles in the future. While I didn’t have the chance to pair this wine with a meat dish I”m sure they would have complemented each other nicely and I look forward to trying it with a steak in the future.

Rating: B