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On a nice cloudy evening, I decided to open a bottle of Chesapeake Cabernet Merlot by Ingleside which is 54% Cabernet and 46% Merlot. I have had this bottle in my wine collection for a couple of years since my very first wine festival. On first opening it I noticed that the cork was synthetic but it still had a good red wine stain on it. It may because of me having it for a couple of years because most reds with this type of cork have hardly any color on them.  This is what Ingleside has to say about the wine:

A true wine value, this well-balanced, medium-bodied Bordeaux style wine starts with a lovely nose.  On the palate there are hints of black cherry, cassis, pepper, and spice that carry through to its long finish.  Soft tannins make this wine easy to drink. Recommended with all red meats, game, barbecued dishes, cheeses, and pastas with red sauce.

At $12.95 this wine is a true value like mentioned above. Medium bodied is probably low as I would consider it more full. I am smoking a cigar with it called La Cuna Bin No. 85 which is put out by A.J. Fernandez and the wine will still over power the medium to full cigar. I can tell you that it definitely gives a black cherry and pepper taste but the pepper is very light, nothing close to a Shiraz. I let this wine decant for 30-45 minute before drinking, whether it is needed or not I am not sure but it definitely is a great wine to relax with and would probably go with almost anything (besides fish, of course). It is very smooth. Use this wine to impress your house guests.

I would highly recommend this wine to anyone who wanted a good blend cheap Virginia wine without having to worry too much about settling on a cheap wine. It stands strong against most expensive Virginia wine blends.

Rating: A

~ Justin